Saturday, December 17, 2016

Avoid Guys Named Todd. Especially Todd Kolhepp.

So, you have a single, 300 pound over 40 real estate agent named Todd and it turns out he's a creep. Who would have though that, besides everyone in the world. The good news is that he will no longer force people to listen to stories about how he bakes cookies at open houses to help sell houses/hid the smell of decomposing bodies. He has confessed to 7 murders and police are looking at him for many more. Mostly because he is from Arizona, the land of unsolved murders and douchebags. Cause or correlation? In this episode, we take an in depth look at this creep:
And what he did (and didn't do) to Kala Brown:
So check it out and feel free to message us with any and all tales of Todds. Also, please avoid getting murdered in the meantime

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